The decree of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith, A.A.S 58,1186 (approved by Pope Paul VI on 14 Oct 1966) states that the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur are no longer required on publications that deal with private revelations, provided that they contain nothing contrary to faith and morals. 

This book is nothing but private revelations. 

Poetic Prophecy 

I am a Charismatic Catholic. What that means to me is although I believe in the teachings of the sacramental Catholic church, I also believe strongly in the spiritual gifts as described in 1Corinthians 12:27-31. We believe in miracles, prophecies (where the Holy Spirit speaks to us), physical and spiritual healing, the word of knowledge and the gift of tongues. The Charismatic Renewal has been around for 50 years and there is an abundant information available about this movement. 

I only tell you this so you, the reader will know in what spiritual context this occurred. 

I believe the Holy Spirit wind blows where it wills and it cannot be contained and my way is not the only way. 

I believed that the Holy Spirit had a prophetic message for me and as I received it, I had someone write it down. It was so pure and simple but profound, very mainstream but cutting edge and it flowed out almost in a poetic way. I love that, because I am very wary of being a vessel of teaching spiritual truths, for I have neither the credentials, the degree, or the calling for that ministry. I would rather be a poet and songwriter who suggests than a teacher who teaches. I received these in 2006 but now in 2018 I have a strong urging to share these. May the Holy Spirit guide us into all truth. 

Feel My Heartbeat 

My children I call you to feel my heartbeat, 

to feel the pulse of the spirit. The flames of this world, 

the passion of this time cannot nullify the permanent truth of the word of God. 

John 1-3 “In the beginning was the Word”... 

I will make a way 

I have called you and will make a way. 

Through many ups and downs, valleys and hills I lead my people, my sheep to the proper pasture. 

This is why you must have faith, the journey does go through twists and turns but be assured there is a God that loves you, that’s leading you to a new place of prosperity and blessings 

Polluted Water 

There are hurting ones of all sizes, shapes and colors that have been forced to drink polluted water and feed upon vain traditions that do not heal. 

I call you out to freedom. I call you out to point people to me. 

Ezekiel 34 

My Perfect Will 

My children, I know the future and the past. 

I’m aligning you in my perfect will. 

As I told the disciples where to catch the fish, 

I’m putting you in the right place to be the most use. 

Luke 5 

Come to your senses 

Come to your senses is what I would like to tell the world. If people would come to me I would restore sanity in the land. 

Mathew 11-28 

“Come unto me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest...” 

As A Rose 

As a rose is scattered on the ground so is my love discarded by people. Instead of coming to the living waters they go to broken cisterns. 

So, my people have committed two crimes: they don’t come to me and they drink from water that can’t satisfy. 

Jeremiah 2:13 

A New and Old Day 

You stand on the threshold of a new and an old day. 

New, because my ways are ever new. 

Old, because my paths are ancient and true. 

Many have walked on this path before. 

It is the way of the Spirit, the way of Life, the way of Holiness. 


Mysteries of God 

My path is narrow but the way is light, but you must pick up your cross. 

How can all of these things be? The ways of the Spirit are a mystery. 

As you cannot even comprehend the mystery of another person, it is hard to totally understand the mysteries of God. 

Mathew 11-25 


Trust Me as the way unfolds 

My children, distance and time in the spiritual realm is different from how you perceive it. 

How you see, slow or fast,may not be how I see the same amount of time. 

How far away or how close is different to the Creator. 

Trust me as the way unfolds. 

Proverbs 3-5 


Multiplying and Restoring 

I am multiplying you and restoring at the same time I need to go forward. 

I can’t stop while you wait to be healed for I am expanding and healing, and in the process of your healing countless will be healed. 

I answer your prayers when you asked me- that your suffering and mistakes would be meaningful and redemptive. 


I am the great planner 

I am the great planner. I have a strategy to save the lost. 

I have raised you up as complementary gifts in my orchestra. 

Keep your eyes focused on me, my children. 

You can have joy even in the midst of conflict. 



Feel the joy of my Spirit, my children. Like a carousel, the seasons come and go and sometimes you can come to a complete stop but then you go on again with your friends for a joyful ride. 

The difference in my work . . . although it is a playful ride, there is purpose, healing and salvation. 

The secrets of your heart are being brought out by my Spirit so I can reinvent and renew, 


and make them work for good so they can be used for the Kingdom and healing. With two complex individuals you can’t expect it always to be simple. 

But with me as the center you can expect me to live up to my Word, where I make the crooked things straight, heal the broken hearted, make all things work for good and supply all things as you put my Kingdom first. 


The Kingdom of Heaven Is Inside Of You 

It doesn’t matter how many miles you go it matters how deeply grounded you are in your hearts. 

For as the scripture says 

“Do not say he is in the desert or look he is there...” The kingdom of heaven is inside of you. 

Luke 17-20-21 Mathew 24-23-26 



I want you to love both sides of people. I want you to be peacemakers. I want you to build bridges between people. I want your tongues to be one of the instructed to use your words to heal not hurt. How can someone bless God and at the same time curse their fellow man? 

Mathew 5-9 Isaiah 50-4 James 3-9 


Like A Mosaic 

Like a stew or mosaic I put together the parts, blending them sometimes, 

Keeping them separate but part of the whole 

And other times letting them get intertwined. 

1 Corinthians 12:14-24 



Picking up the Pieces 

My children, the times are changing. You are entering a new era in your region and your country. 

I am equipping you to help in picking up the pieces of people’s broken lives. 

The rich and the poor and the in between, are being brought to their knees as the truths they once saw as solid they feel that they are unraveling around them. 


Many feel that they are fine themselves, but the world around them is falling apart. 

People must look into their hearts to see where they can change. 

Repentance is for each individual, not for you to tell others to do it. 


The Helping Hand 

It is important for my children in the church to remember their humble roots of where they were at when they came to know me. If my people would do this one simple thing, (remember their roots) my church would become the helping hand that I desire it to be. 


Content in My Ways 

Man was created to be in intimate union with me, to commune in the Spirit, to be content in faith, that I was a good God. But since man has fallen, he has fallen from the simplicity of the original plan. Man fills himself after removing himself from me with all manner of things to fill in the emptiness. Children, this does not have to be. I need those that are content in my ways. 


My children, turn not to the right or the left even though your friends feel they are called to do otherwise. For your calling is to seek me simply. There is only one resurrected Lord. This is the Truth. This is your goal. 

This is your direction, to seek my face and help others to do so. Instructing and reminding is what my Spirit does. My children, in a world of conflict I call you to be peacemakers. 


Jesus The Gentle Servant 

I’m calling you to a ministry of reconciliation. Frustration and anger and unforgiveness, no matter what pious platitudes that people recite, have no place in my kingdom. Unforgiveness and resentments and self- centeredness are the foundation of many people’s lives. This is the center of their life. I call you to follow Jesus, the gentle servant. (Matthew 12:18-21) 


Union With Me 

Don’t wallow in the past, but don’t be late for my springtime. I’m raising you up to manifest my Spirit in a springtime season of refreshment. My people are off on all kinds of tangents, they need to be reminded of the simplicity of the Gospel and the power of my transforming Spirit. 

Union with me is the answer to the emptiness of the world. 

I had a dream last night in which after I charged one of my Cars that was dead from the battery of  my other car and I then kept trying to inflate one of the tires that was flat of that same car. I saw that the car had a leak in it and of course wasn’t filling up .When I woke I had this feeling I shoul 

                  As A Rose 

As a rose is scattered on the ground so is my love discarded by people. Instead of coming to the living waters they go to broken cisterns. 

So, my people have committed two crimes: they don’t come to me and they drink from water that can’t satisfy. 

Jeremiah 2:13