There was no prayer meeting on Easter. The prayer group on Palm Sunday was a lot of rejoicing music for first half and songs like “Remember Me When You Come Into Your Kingdom “for second half.Of  course this followed the traditional the, and bible readings on Psalm Sunday Hosannah for  the first part and Jesus’s death for the second.

          Our new format is the music plays until Someone is inspired to share then we play softly in background. So far this has worked well. As usual the sharing from the group were great .

         Jack shared that his mother had asked him is he happy now. And he said that he is totally happy since he has dedicated  his life so seriously to the Lord and he is grateful for all the grace he has been given. He also said that the song “Remember Me When You Come Into Your Kingdom” reminded him that it’s all about forgiveness and we should let all our resentments go.

          Denny had encouraging words saying as  St Theresa we should do little things to please the Lord and he feels we should all stay within our sphere of influence and lane. He pointed out that Padre Pio had lived during the time when there were great division in Spain between Communists and Fascists but he stayed true to the Lord and what he was called to do. So must we with our continue conflicts in our culture. How great thou Art is a popular hymn but Denny also said how small Thou Art could also be said. That the Lord would come down to our level to save us is profound.

Click for to hear Jack and Denny


              Tina shared a scripture in Peter about disordered passions.That really is a good way of explaining a lot of our problems . We are out of order with what we desire and God wants to put us back in order . And she prophesied.

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                   At this meeting Carol stood up and prayed for us to be open to Gods blessing .

Click to hear Carol praying for the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts 

This is Carols prophecy for this week . She felt it might be repetitive, but it seems to me The Lord wants us to understand our mission .

Me people mean so much to me. They are the workers that toil bringing my lost lambs to me

Their hearts are pure & clean with the love of the gospel within them. They toil wholeheartedly with their desire to please me & bring those that do not know me home.

I await all with an open & loving heart & I desire to gather them close & keep them near

This world today needs all the love & caring you can give them. They are searching……searching for a place that accepts them with open arms

This is the time to gather in community - making no exceptions- to bring all together in unity

Stand proudly in your Christian beliefs that all may see & want what you have

Always be prepared to help those in need.  This is the basis of a good Christian life

My love is always with you my children - your hand & mine in eternal loving care.