Father Michael Stalla joined us and gave an outline on praying over others with our charismatic gifts .

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Hearing Gods Voice Retreat Highlight . God has spoken to his people through the ages through the prophets and in peoples hearts. We must discern Gods voice . In This Skit on the retreat  put on by the Ss Cosmas And Damian Prayer Group, three people Fr. Stalla, Deacon Scott and Bob Poletti all claim to be an official spokesman fro Jesus Christ.  This was a skit to help understand our faith and some fun thrown in 

Hearing Gods Voice part 1

Hearing Gods Voice part 2


This was shared During 2020 in the USA during the riots after George Floyds death and Black Life Matters were protesting. Our perayer group decided to make a stand as 

Catholics with a neighboring largely Black Cathoilc Church with WITH THE Catholic Church and of course Jesus Christ as our source of unity. During Covid both congregations met outdoors wiht masks , combining music groups and standing together in Unity under the Lordship of Jesus Christ through the Cathoilc Church. This was delivered by Bob Poletti from our prayer group.

The Catholic Church Role In Racial Unity