Welcome To My World

Denny Carleton Story And Witness

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The second edition Denny Carletons' Welcome To My World has an addendum and discography andi is easier to find information and navigate Welcome To My World a memoir of the path less taken of a Cleveland Rocker from the 1960s who played in notable Cleveland Bands the Lost Souls, Choir and Moses . After the first publication there has been so much activity After the rockin 60s The book takes you through his journey as a praise and worship leader,singer songwriter and caregiver for his parents. Many stories that either reveal unbelievable coincedences or else the loving. hand of God the Father (depending on your viewpoint).The book weaves between musical and spiritual revelatory experiences in the Holy Spirit, being serious yet humerous at the same time.Not for everyone but 5 stars for others.A book for our time that offers a vision in a conflicted world but manages to be a light hearted and a easy read. Welcome to My World is a good example of the New Evangelalization .One person telling their story and experience with the Lord to a friend in a real and non judgemental way.

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